Brandys nad Labem weather, CZ

 Latitude N 50° 10' 49"    Longitude E 14° 39' 00"    Elevation 200 m

Dawn: 07:11 Sunrise: 07:48 Moonrise: 10:44 Úterý
Úterý v noci
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Pozdě v noci přeháňky
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Většinou zataženo
Dusk: 17:16 Sunset:  16:39 Moonset: 23:34
Daylight: 10:04 Day length: 08:51 Moon Age, Phase: 6 days, Waxing Crescent 6°C 2°C 10°C 2°C

The weather station in use is the DIY WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS by from Werk_AG. These pages are updated every 5 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight. My meteo station is in production mode, but still in development, so the data may be defective and may be changed. There is a course weather station development on a separate page DIY hw, (not all photos, developments are continuously continues). In the same place there are several articles published about the construction of this weather station. Other photos, pictures, tables, etc., published by me in the forum, can be found on this page.
My WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor gathers data on Dust Density Particle Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), CO2 information and also calculates the Air Quality Index (AQI) based upon these informations. Our units of measure include Parts Per Million [ppm] and micrograms per cubic meter air [ug/m3]. Graph is updated once every 10 minutes. The other details you can find on the page AQM.
You can register in WeatherDuino Forum. My email address is placed at the bottom of this page.

Cloud Base
Cumulus MX Forecast: Settled fine
Conditions at local time 10:20 on 23 January 2018
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 2.0 m above ground (SHT21)
0.9 °C
Humidex -1.1 °C
Windchill 0.9 °C Dew Point
0.6 °C
Heat Index 0.9 °C Humidity (SHT21)
98 %RH
THW Index (Temperature - Humidity - Wind) -1.6 °C Apparent Temperature (= THWI) -1.6 °C
THSW Index (Temperature - Humidity - Solar - Wind) 0.6 °C Temp change last hour +0.5 °C
Solar data
Solar Radiation
36 W/m²
Evapotranspiration Today 0.00 mm
UV Index (setting is in progress)
Is Sunny now? No
Rainfall Today
0.3 mm
Rainfall Rate
0.0 mm
Rainfall This Month 5.6 mm Rainfall This Year 5.6 mm
Rainfall Last Hour 0.3 mm Last rainfall 2018-01-23 09:38
Rainfall Since Midnight 0.3 mm Rainfall Last 24 Hours 0.3 mm
Wind Speed 10 m above ground (gust)
1.8 m/s
Wind Speed 10 m above ground (avg) 0.8 m/s
Wind Bearing
3° N
Beaufort Scale  F1 = Light air
Wind Variation (last 10 minutes) From 270° To 90°    
1023.1 hPa
Rising 1.0 hPa/hr
Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quailiy Index  60  CO2 (MH-Z19B) 382  ppm
PM2.5 (PMS7003) 16.7 ug/m3 AQM - Temperature/Humidity (HTU21D) 2.2 °C, 94 %RH
PM10 (PMS7003) 25.9  ug/m3
Soil and leaf temperature and moisture
Temperature -1.0 m under ground (DS18B20) 5.6 °C Leaf temperature not measured yet
Temperature -0.5 m under ground (DS18B20) 3.3 °C Leaf wetness 8 %
Temperature -.05 m under ground (DS18B20) 1.1 °C Soil moisture -.05 m under ground (VH400) 45 vwc
Extra sensors
Temperature & humidity 10 m above ground - on the roof (HTU21D) 1.1 °C, 91 %RH Temperature & humidity TX0 case outdoor - on the roof (DHT22) 1.7 °C, 88 %RH
Temperature & humidity 2.4 m above ground (SHT31) 1.1 °C, 95 %RH Temperature in water inspection shaft (BIOS) - now out of order 59.4 °C, 65 %RH
Temperature & humidity 1 m above ground (DHT22) 1.7 °C, 100 %RH
Temperature & humidity 5 cm above ground (DHT22) 1.7 °C, 100 %RH
Miscellaneous - batteries status
TX0 battery value 13.09 V TX0 battery status ok
TX1&2 battery status ok
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